Benjamin Linus is a formerly cunning, most likely racist, manipulative bastard who's kind of been reduced to "bitch" (sometimes known as "tool") status by (fake) John Locke. Although frequently insisting that he was born on the island, Ben was actually born miles outside Portland, Oregon in the middle of a forest. It's unclear as to whether Ben perpetuates this lie because Portland, Oregon is considerably lamer than a mystical island that the U.S. Army dropped a radioactive bomb on or because Richard violated Ben within the walls of the Temple until he could no longer remember earlier parts of his life. Ben's innocence is a casualty of both his father's alcoholism and his dead ghost mother's unwillingness to let Ben have a happy adolescence. Anyone with a higher self-esteem would've told their dead ghost mom to go away...permanently. Glasses-fitted, teenage, spineless Ben lacked these necessary attributes. Ben does, however, become validated after murdering a pretty much obsolete group of hippy scientists and stealing multiple babies. In time, Ben's mid-life pubescent streak interferes with Charles Widmore's most likely English form of leadership, leading to an internal conflict within the Others.

During his tenure of leadership within the Others, Ben presumably kidnaps a fertility doctor, a Russian warlord, Tom Cruise's cousin, and a flight attendant that LOST fans pay too much attention to. Richard doubts that these people are of any importance and a spinal tumor would suggest that they are not. Learning of his spinal tumor and imminent demise, Ben infiltrates the Losties' Camp and begins a really convoluted campaign to convince Jack Shephard to operate on him. It, for the most part, does not work as Jack takes charge while performing the procedure by cutting an anatomical sac that few non-medical personnel have ever heard of. After a successful surgery though, Ben's hold over the Others diminishes due to a born-again cripple named John Locke. Ben's initial reaction to Locke is to shoot him. This almost works before the Producers are forced to bring back an African American character to not only save Locke but ABC's racial relations as well.

Ben is, then, abandoned by his people and captured by the Losties who beat him to a pulp one or three times during his stay with them. Ben, being the sneaky little creeper he is though, negotiates with Locke earning freedom. This new found freedom is followed by him inciting an assassin to murder his not-really-daughter. Following that goof, Ben turns a frozen donkey wheel and displaces himself in the middle of a desert. Recognizing the badassery achieved by knifing two Tunisians, Ben proceeds to knife two Tunisians. Upon breaking into his arch-nemesis Widmore's penthouse, Ben does absolutely nothing.

He then recruits Sayid to kill a number of assorted Europeans. This is followed by Ben shooting Desmond (one last European) before he returning to the island, at which point he murders the dude he's been taking orders from, Jacob.

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