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Brian Porter was Susan's boss, who was living and working as an attorney in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Brian married Susan after her relationship with Michael ended. He and Susan attempted to adopt Walt (eventually successfully), which resulted in a legal struggle with Michael who was unwilling to give up his parental rights.

Brian surrendered custody of Walt (and Vincent) to Michael after Susan died. He claimed that "things happen" when Walt is around and that Walt is "different somehow." He arranged for Walt and Michael to be on Flight 815.

After season 5 Brian Porter was seen in several apparent ARG videos in which he was spending money frivolously and enjoying the company of several different women.

Mystery Question Edit

Who is the woman who plays the Nanny who hands Michael a box with his letters in it? Is it actress Jennifer Greenberg Sexton or other?

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Sapphire Video Edit

Chase Sapphire commercial

Chase Sapphire commercial

In the Sapphire video, Porter is seen globtrotting around the world and spending his credit card frivolously with an unknown woman.

Sabra Video Edit


Mysterious red headed woman brings Brian Porter hummus. Notice that the living room area is empty.


Brian Porter comments that the hummus is "very good".


The mysterious red headed woman also eats hummus.


Bowling ball nearly kills Porter and his unknown red headed female companion.


Living room area is now crowded. Young man has possession of #1 Dad mug. Ironically Porter did not want to be Walt's dad allowing him to be world's #2 Dad at best.


Porter asks about his mug.



In the Sabra video Porter is seen with a different woman. He is eating delicious hummus and relaxing outside his home with this anonymous red headed woman. He noted that the hummus was "really good" and the his red headed lover also ate the hummus. Then a bowling ball mysteriously struck through the window from the inside of the house nearly killing Porter. When Porter returned to his home to see what had happened his living room was suddenly filled with raucous party going teenagers. Although for Porter and his female red headed companion only a few moments seemed to pass while they enjoyed hummus at least two weeks elapsed for the rest of the world. Porter also noted that one young man seemed to have his mug. It is unclear why Brian Porter took notice of this and not the room full of partying teenagers or the flying bowling ball that nearly killed him.

Unanswered Questions Edit

  • What is the significance of the Mediterranean Sea in this video?
  • Was the hummus responsible for the strange passage of time?
  • Where did the bowling ball come from?
  • Why did Brian Porter think the hummus was "very good"?
  • Who was the mysterious red headed woman?
  • Who was the Sapphire woman?
  • Was the teenage boy also gifted like Walt? Was he responsible for the bowling ball?
  • Why did that kid have Brian's mug?
  • Why didn't the kid know he had a mug in his own hand?
  • Who throws a bowling ball out of a window at a house party? Really?
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