Charlie Heroes noms us Pace is a baby-stealing, drug-taking, whining Pom. He is one of the most loved characters in the series. This is because of his death, which many fans saw as one of the greatest moments of the show (but mainly due to having Mikhail, Penny, and Desmond all in the same scene). Charlie spent most of the early days on the Island playing guitar and chasing around Locke. When Locke got a new buddy, Charlie hung out with Claire. When Claire got a new buddy, Charlie hung out with Eko. When Eko got a new buddy, Charlie hung out with Desmond. Then he died. However, Charlie was reborn as Charlie Hume (The Son of Desmond and Penny). Charlie had all his memories from the Island, but was trapped in an infants body - unable to speak. If he could speak, he'd probably say something like "Thanks for letting me drown you wanker. Oh - and what the hell was up with Claire at the helicopter? Way to go, Desmond." Recently, little Charlie's fine motor skills have advanced to the point where he can produce The Finger, which he gives his father quite often. Desmond assumes he learned it from one of the local pubs.

Before the Crash Edit

Childhood Edit

Charlie grew up with his mother, father and brother. His mother often scared Charlie with her abysmal attempt at a British accent. Charlie's father was distant from his family, instead focusing his time on his hobby of cutting off dolls' heads in his living room, much to his amusement. Charlie's brother, Liam, enjoyed simpler pleasures like pressuring his brother into taking drugs.

Early Musical Life Edit

Charlie played his guitar on street corners in the hopes of getting enough money to buy acting classes which he could send his mother to in order to work on fixing her horrendous British accent. When confronted by an OMGTIMETRAVEL Desmond, he gave a gentle reminder to those wondering the streets not to do drugs. Shortly after that, Charlie became a heroin addict.

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