Claire Littleton is the ownlee Austrayan who likes peanaht buttah. She's Jacko's harf-sistah, but she do'no 'bout 'im. She has a little fella, named "Eren", born on the eyeland aft' the prang. She was i' 'nother prang as well, when she was only seve'neen. Put her mum in a coma for five years, the poor sheila, which led her to findin' out 'bout her real dad, Chris Shephard. An'way, while she's been on the eyeland she got with that Charlie bloke, who cracked onto her while they were watchin' the bush telly. When he went troppo for a while she spat the dummy and told him to rack off, but they became mates again. Well, until he went up shit creek without a paddle and carked it. She was a bit cut up 'bout that. After believin' his "Not Pen's Boat" message was fair dinkum, she nicked off with Johnno Locke to the Barracks, until she went cockeyed and racked off leavin' her ankle biter behind. Since then, she's been gone for yonks.

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