Danielle Rousseau is a scientist that came to the Island with a sole purpose to investigate how traumatic events such as getting your baby stolen, murdering three people and being stranded on an Island effect a person's accent, mainly the transfer from French to Yugoslavian accent in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Her experiment worked very fine, even making people in France believe her French to be German. Though sadly she had to give up work to raise her daughter Alex once her "so-called" ex Ben gave Alex back to Danielle. Shortly after she thought she could survive a rain of bullets fired by a group of mercenaries, though it turned out she thought wrong. If she hadn't died, she planned on resuming with her project and making her accent more Eastern than it was, with a goal of making her French sound Mandarin to people in Turkey.

Pre-Island pastEdit

  • As evidenced by the fact that she never had a flashback, her pre-Island story is irrelevant...

On the IslandEdit

Before 815 was taken down... umm crashedEdit

After arriving to the Island and having two people in her group killed she got the idea of starting her experiment on the Island. After few days of successful project, one of her associates Lacombe commented that their accent-changing experiment can win them all a Nobel Prize. As Rousseau, like any pregnant French woman on a deserted Island, was greedy and didn't want to share her Nobel prize with her boyfriend Robert, their associate Lacombe or even Lacombe's ex-boyfriend Brennan, she decided to shoot them. But her plan went bad when she was seen by the Korean guy who she first met when she first came to the Island. After he seemingly disappeared she gave birth to her daughter, which she had to give away to the Island's resident Rumpelstiltskin.

After 815 was taken down... umm crashedEdit

Years later she met Sayid Hussein Jarrah, and revealed to him that the only reason she regrets killing Robert is that now she couldn't collect the money he owed her for her winning their bet over the sex of their child. After kidnapping Aaron trying to prove to Ben that she can help him with his baby stealing plans, and after helping Claire get to the Staff weeks later, and after taking dynamites from the Black Rock to help Jack kill a large portion of the Island's populations, and after getting reunited with her daughter, and after hitting Ben with the end of her gun... she died.

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