Think of everything badass you know. Ok, got it? Now imagine it in a priest's outfit. You're now thinking of Mr. Eko. He started wars, resurrected Australian girls, and got angry with Locke. It was so badass. When he got on the Island, the Monster was all like "Eko, I can't have you rivalling my badassness" so it killed him.

Before the IslandEdit


When Eko was a kid, his brother Yemi nearly blew some old guy's head off. But Eko was all like "I'M THE BADASS ONE IN THIS FAMILY", and then he proceeded TO BLOW THE GUY'S HEAD OFF.


Eventually, he grew up. He was raised through the ranks of badassery, eventually rising to the rank of master. He then was so badass, he totally conned the ARMY into thinking he was a Catholic priest.

As a priestEdit

Because the difference between warlord and Catholic priest is minimal, Eko flourished under his new role. Eventually he won "Employee of the Month" and went to Australia. Then, the plane he was on, Oceanic Flight 815, was weighed down by the weight of Eko's awesomeness, and crashed on a mysterious Island.

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