Horace Goodspeed, man, was like - the dude in charge. Okay man? But not the man. He hates the man, dude. The man is bad. He's just the dude in charge. In charge of what? DHARMAville, man. It's a great little far out squeeze with all those classy cats. Most of the time, Horace was a shagadelic cat when it came to the Dharma Gig, but the real skinny is that Horace had leadership issues. That's because Radzinsky was totally bouge. So my man man here, Horace did a bitchin' job as the dude in charge, till he died in the purge. True story, fo' sho.

Trivia Edit

  • Horace's favorite recreational drug was speed. But not just any speed -- Wait for it -- Goodspeed. What up!

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