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Ilana Bootylicious, also known as Illlana and Llama, was a part-time prostitute and Jacob's bodyguard. She was bad at her job and Jacob died. This upset Ilana, since she realized she would not be getting her paycheck any time soon. She needed it too - rent's due.


Illlana was crushed under Hurley when his sheer weight collopsed a deck that people were partying on. Someone tried to warn her, shouting "SNORLAX ATTACK!", but Iliaana misunderstood this and was too busy pocketing around for a pokeball.

Later, Jacob visited her and - having left his glasses at home - mistook the hospital for a bodyguard recruiting center. He's also a little dense, because there's no such thing as a bodyguard recruiting center (google it if you don't belive me). Anyways, Jacob - blind - mistook a bandaged Llama for the legendary Arabic assassin Altair. So he hired her.

Elana took the job because she was late on rent and her life as a common whore wasn't paying like it use to. People just don't want to pay the big bucks when herpes is on the table. Such is life.

One night, Ilama met Sayid. They went to a hotel room to get it on. Ilaina got a little too kinky with Sayid and accidently knocked him out. Worried that Sayid would file a bad report on, Iilana decided to kidnap him and take him to Guam. En route, the flight (Ajira 316) crashed landed on The Island.

Jacob is DeadEdit

Once on the Island, Lana didn't spend a lot of time trying to get back to Jacob in order to protect him. She was late. He died. Iana's team was massacred by the Man in Black. And - worst of all - Zuleikha Robison forgot how to act.

Her acting got so bad that she blew up.

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