A typical day in the life of Jack.

Dr. Jack Shephard is a spinal surgeon and leader of the survivors of Oceanic 815. He's probably not the doctor you want since - 9 times out of 10 - he doesn't save his patients' lives. Boone Carlyle died. Angelo Busoni died. Also -- he might accidentally nip your dural sac, or purposely cut your kidney sack. Oh yeah - he is also addicted to oxycodone and an avid alcoholic. So, if he's your surgeon -- God be with you, or at least Juliet and Bernard with some chloroform, that usually makes him stop screwing-up surgeries.

Prior to the Crash Edit

As a kid, Jack got into fights a lot. One day he saw a bully and, inspired by his recent viewing of a Christmas Story, decided it would be a good idea to take on said bully (fans have pointed out the irony that Zack Ward played both Scut Farkus and older Mark Silverman). After both kids were beaten to a pulp, Jack went home to his father, Christian Shephard - who went on a weird speech on life and rules and how dated Penny Marshall in the 60's and how his life could have been better if he had listened to his dad and married her instead of Margo and how Jack was an unexpected pregnancy and how Penny would have gone through with the abortion. This bothered Jack (justifiably so) and started his daddy issues.

However, Jack - being the masochist he is - decided to go work with his dad in a lifelong profession: giving Christian ample opportunity to bring his son down even further with quick remarks. Like in surgery, whenever Jack is stressed, his phone goes after receiving a text from his father. It usually reads: "Count to 5 son - LOLZ". Jack doesn't like this. So Jack spent the next 5 years of his career setting up evidence to get his dad kicked off the board. It worked.

Jack was enjoying his father's defeat and decided his little game had gone on long enough. He was going to explain to the board that it was all a ruse to get his dad to back off, when his mother explained that he had gone to Australia to kill himself.

Jack's victory was short-lived.

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