5x16 MaybeJustAPush

Jacob wuvs you.

Jacob is everyone and everything. Jacob is you. Jacob is me. Jacob is God. Who loved you as He loved Jacob. Jacob is a time machine. Jacob is the Island. Jacob is Jacob. Who is Jacob? I don't know. I only know Jacob, and that he is like Jacob.

Spreading the LoveEdit

  • Jacob, before being killed (lol - yeah right - "killed") by Ben, went around to tell everyone in the whole wide world dat he wuved them so very much.
  • First he told Kate he wuved her. This was weird, cause Kate was just a little kid.
  • Then he told Sawyer that he wuved him. He was also a kid and it was also a little weird. And inappropriate timing too - it was his parents funeral for crying out loud.
  • Then he told Jin and Sun that wuv was a wonderful thing. And never to let wuv die.
  • Then he told Locke that his life sucked.
  • Then he told Jack that he wuved him the most. And he stared into Jack's eyes for a very uncomfortably long time (see image).
  • Then he told Hurley that talking to your wuved ones - even though they are dead - is a blessing.
  • He forget Juliet. Whoops. He had to go... Ben doesn't let anyone forget Juliet.
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