Joop is a orangutan that lived forever. What else do you need to know? It's pretty simple really.

Known factsEdit

  • Joop is Chuck Norris' best buddy and therefore he has the ability to disobey the Rules at times and even has the ability to tell Locke what he can't do.
  • Joop has several failed marriages behind him, most notably his two marriages to Blonde casualty and his two day marriage to Sister Consuela, who he divorced after he sobered up and realized the mistake he made the previous night in a Las Vegas hotel while drinking. According to the yellow press, she became a nun after the failed marriage.

Fan Theories Edit

  • Some have suggested that Joop is really Richard Alpert at the age or 5001. (Even Richard ages - and it ain't pretty).
  • Others have suggested that Joop is not real.
  • Some within theory 2 have also suggested that any so-called photographic evidence of Joop is really a photoshoped image of this guy.
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