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Matthew Ah-Buh-DON was a creepy tall black guy with creepy wide eyes and a creepy flaring nose. Matthew pretends to be an attorney for Oceanic Airlines, but never has identification. He was also a secret spy within Ben Linus's organization, reporting to his friends at Fringe.

Once upon a time (flashbacks), Matthew was the gurdy for Locke. After Locke fell out the window and broke his legs, Matthew insensitively suggested he go on a walkabout. Seriously? Who does that? Who tells a cripple to go on a walkabout as you push their wheelchair?

It was later revealed that this was really just a dumb misguided suggestion, not (as many had speculated) some overarching sinister plot to force Locke on the Island. Matthew also asked Locke for a favor for pushing him around the hospital. In Season 4, he appears to Hurley in the future and asks if THEY are still alive, leaving Hurley to wonder who the hell THEY are. Matthew also hires Naomi to take the headcase, the ghostbuster, the anthropologist, and the drunk (who, to be fair, is actually a pretty good pilot) on a secret mission to find King Henry the Navigator. Naomi asks what they should do if they find 815 survivors, but he gets it in her head that they are all fake zombies being covered up by the government.

In Season 5, Ah-Buh-DON returned to the picture when Locke left the Island. As a black man, Matthew was given the position of the white man's driver. (See: Racism on Lost). So Matthew drove Locke all around the world, looking for Carmen Sandiago. They never found her and one day Ben Linus shot Matthew in the back when he was loading Locke's wheelchair into the car. Just another mysterious, significant character who's backstory must not have been as important as every scene with said character in it, prior to their death, suggested.

Locke never returened Matthew's favor. Oopsies.

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