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Michael Dawson may have survived if he was a successful, clean-cut, englishmen.

Michael Dawson is not an English football player from North Yorkshire, though numerous comparisons have been made between the two. Instead, Michael is a starving artist who occasionally loses track of his son. However, this small fault is nullified by his canny ability to call for his son to return to him, which has been lauded by the fan community of Lost as one of the most interesting and underused themes of the show. Michael's unwavering determination to find his son was also well-received by the fan community, who would often cheer along every time Michael shouted his son's name. This fandom even sparked the Michael Dawson Drinking Game, in which players drink a shot every time Michael calls for Walt.

After leaving the show for a year, Michael returned as a deckhand on the freighter, in a plot twist that was called "completely unpredictable" and "a more shocking twist than the end of season three," by many fans. Michael was, unfortunately, written off the show at the end of season four. This choice was obviously made by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, who killed off the character as a way of executing their racist tendencies. A fact made explicit when Christian Shephard appeared in a white Klu Klux Klan robe and told Michael, he could "go now" (whatever the hell that means). Thankfully, their foul was called by actor Harold Perrineau, who revealed the truth about the two producers and their racism, which they obviously intricately planned out through their casting of diverse races on Lost.

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