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Daniel Dae-Kim, who plays Miles Straume, on a comic-con panel. Oh wait...

Miles Straume is an Asian voodoo master who can download the entire cookie history of dead people, which after five seasons of Lost, really isn't that weird. Does it make sense? Nope. Will it ever be explained? Nope. Fans just kind of accepted it.

Childhood and CareerEdit

Miles was born on the Island and was the son of the Pierre Chang (the puppet). As a half-puppet, half-human Asian hybrid, Miles was gifted with magical abilities (see above). He used this abilities to con old black women out of their son's drug money (cause everyone knows that ALL black grandsons sell drugs).

Once on the IslandEdit

Jin was brought on the Kahana like the rest of Widmore's crew. Oh wait. Miles. Right. Sorry. They all look the same. Anyways, Miles was brought aboard for a reason that was never really explained. He just went around downloading dead people's cookie files until he met up with his puppet-father in 1977. From that point on, Miles decided he would rather be a background character because being a main cast member brought on too much baggage.

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