Due to the frequent racist tendencies of producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, LOST has frequently demonstrated frequent Racism.

Racism in Character Death and Post-Death Edit

Death of Minorities Edit

Throughout LOST, many characters have died brutal deaths. None more so than minorities. This includes:

Racism regarding Character Post-Death Appearances. Edit

Even though Caucasian characters have died on the show, each and everyone has been seen as a ghostly figure later on in the show. This is because, in the LOST universe, Heaven is only for white people. Whites seen alive after their death include:

In should be noted that some minorities have appeared on the show as post-death visions/ghosts. Ana-Lucia did appear in season 5, but as the devil. Telling Hurley that he’d better go back to the Island or he - as a minority - would die and burn forever. In a similar manner, Yemi appeared - also as the devil - in season 2.

One Side is Light, One Side is Dark Edit

A common theme on the show, and possibly the most explicit form of racism by the producers/writers, is the often stated saying: "One Side is Light, One Side is Dark". This obviously refers to race in the show and how the "light-skinned" will forever be at war with the "dark-skinned".

Getting into HeavenEdit

As Season 6 concluded, it was revealed that the flash-sideways was actually the afterlife. Many of the characters, now remembering who they were, got together in a big mutli-faith politically correct church to go to heaven. It was also revealed who actually got to go to heaven: white people.

Charlie? White.

Claire? White.

Jack? White.

Kate? White.

John Locke? White.

Sawyer? White.

Boone? White.

Jin and Sun? Yes. Asains count.

Rose? Married a white guy.

Hurley? Married a white girl.

Sayid? Did a white chick (Shannon) so much that her whiteness rubbed off on him. Plus, he's badass.

Note the absence of Ana-Lucia, Michael, Mr. Eko, and Mr. T.

Other Moments of Racism Edit

Season One Edit

  1. "Pilot, Part 1" -- Sayid, an Iraqi Muslim is accused by Sawyer the redneck of hijacking the plane.
  2. "Special" -- Michael's wife leaves him for a rich white guy.
  3. "Exodus, Part 2" -- Notice how NO ONE condemns the Black Rock's use of white slaves.
  4. "Exodus, Part 3" -- Everyone was so sure that Aaron, the white kid, was going to be kidnapped. Because: who would pay a ransom for Walt?
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