Sayid Hussein Jarrah is a terrorist who is actually responsible for the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 and Ajira Flight 316. Because a lot of people, including himself survived he planed an elaborate scheme in which he managed to fake an abduction by a homicidal sociopathic French scientist just so he can have some time to go back through time, create the DHARMA Initiative and the Swan, so he can have a scapegoat for the respective crashes of Oceanic Flight 815 and Ajira Flight 316. Unfortunately, the electromagnetism DHARMA released brought a slaving ship, a heroin-transporting Nigerian plane, a Scotsman on a sailboat, the U.S. army with a hydrogen bomb etc. As an act of revenge for bringing these people (called "those assholes" by every single manifestation of the Island), the Island gave Ishmael Bakir a driver's license, so he can ran Nadia over. As the Rules prohibit taking revenge on Sayid, Sayid was given a gun and a list of people to kill. The exact number of thousands he killed is still unknown. He suffers from AIDS, resulting with the death of every woman he sleeps with.

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