Stuart "Stu" Radzinsky is the guy responsible for the Incident, the crash of Ocenaic Flight 815, the crash of Ajira Flight 316, the crash of the Beechcraft, the arrival of the Kahana, the time travel of Season 5, Sayid's arrival in 1977 and therefore Ben's defection to the Others, the explosion of the Jughead, the Purge making him a bad guy on the show. He also is responsible for the creation of Nikki, Paulo and the episode "Stranger in a Strange Land" making him the worst person alive. He also likes to freak out in his spare time. Other hobbies include drilling into obviously dangerous pockets of electromagnetism.

Short bioEdit

Born as Tim Nakamura Kring, Stu found joy in doing stuff against humanity, which he later expressed through his sadistic masterpiece "Heroes". While in school he discovered he possessed the great ability of irritating people, something he shared with his step-brothers Thomas Mittlewerk and Phil "The Clippy", which he later used to overthrow both Pierre Chang and Horace Goodspeed form their leadership positions in the DHARMA Initiative after successfully infiltrating it. After several years of living as an infiltrator in DHARMA he got his cover blown "literary" by Kelvin Joe Inman who realized his identity after seeing his obsession with a show about waffles, who made it all look like a suicide.

Creation of Nikki and PauloEdit

After discovering he can time-travel using the Swan's electromagnetic pocket at the time Season 1 started, he used two seasons to perfect his time-traveling skills. About the time Season 3 started, he time traveled back several hours before Oceanic Flight 815 took off. He hired an annoying pair of confidence couple-wannabees, Nikki and Paulo, who happily took over the job of sabotaging the show. They survived on the show for 7 episodes, until they got detected by a suspicious Sawyer, and got killed as a punishment. Stu wasn't happy, thouh couldn't do a thing about it. Lost 1 : Heroes 0.


  • His relationship with his step-brother Thomas Mittlewerk, mirrors the relationship of another pair of step-siblings on the show, namely Boone Carlyle and Shannon Rutherford.
  • He spent the best part of his life battling with his nemesis, Doug.
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