Smokie is about to pwn this noob. It's what he does.

The Man in Black (aka The Monster aka Cerberus aka Smokey aka Jacob's nemesis aka Esau aka Samuel aka The Security System aka Flocke aka Smocke aka Barry aka Titus Welliver aka Man #2 aka Black Shirt Guy aka Deadwood aka Notlocke aka Chicka-chicka-chicka) contrary to his name, is a white dude (See: Racism on Lost). Little is known about him except that he was a homosexual camp-dweller whose brother killed him and threw him into a magic light, which turned him into an immortal pirate who can transform into a large smoke monster that terrorizes the island. He can also take the shape of people who have died, but is now stuck in the form of John Locke because Ilana said so. His rageface consists of him storming around and ripping up trees. Sometimes he is invisible. Sometimes he's not. Sometimes he's human. Sometimes he's not. Sometimes he's black. Sometimes he's white. Sometimes he just likes to take pictures of your mind. And if you take the magic cork out of the magic light hole, he just becomes regular ordinary John Locke.

Confusing? Yeah - well - on this island crazy shiz happens.

MIB vs. Jacob (Growing up in the hood)Edit

Men in Black Poster

The hit film about the MiB, co-starring Will Smith as Jacob

Before the Man in Black was a Man in Black, he was a Boy In Black. He was good buddies with his brother, Jacob, but was envious that he never got a name by his mother. Bitch.

Boy in Black and Jacob played games together. Mainly Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. However, BiB got mad after Jacob kept getting the nuclear warhead perk so he stopped playing.

Later, The Man in Black grew up and Jacob convinced him to play another game. The two have been locked in an eternal game of rock, paper, scissors. MIB throws rock, Jacob throws rock. MIB throws scissors, Jacob throws scissors. MIB throws paper - and damn it all - Jacob throws paper.

This has been going on since the beginning of time. There was one lull where MIB suggested the two competitors try "tic-tac-toe", but that just ended up in ties as well. So they just went back to rock, paper, scissor.

One day, MIB got really pissed when he threw rock and Jacob threw Black Rock. At this point, MIB realized that Jacob wasn't taking the game seriously and was just effin' around with MIB.

200 years later!Edit

MIB, holding a 200 year old grudge, convinced Ben Linus that his life sucked and that he should kill Jacob. A little extreme perhaps, but it worked and ended the game forever. Knife beats Rock. Knife beats Paper. Knife even beats Scissors. Knife... is the ultimate loophole. So kids, if you're ever playing RPS with your friends and you find yourself in an eternal tie - just pull out a knife and gut your friends. Game over.

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