A comprehensive list of "The Rules" and "Punishments"Edit

Rule Punishment
No killing! Ever. Ever, ever, ever. Never-ever. Got it?
Killing is okay if you have found a loophole.

P.S. Reading that rule is not the loophole.

Death by drowning.
Ms. Hawking is not an old fart. Do not call her one. Less episodes than an annoying DHARMA employee.
Do not walk barefooted on the Island without first purchasing a barefoot permit from the local ordinance office. A dart gets stuck in your foot.
If you are going to have sex, do not do it in someone else's tent. That's bad manners. Even if it's deleted. Death by getting yourself buried alive.
DO NOT PISS OFF THE MONSTER! Death by The Monster.
Do not pronounce the punishment for "DO NOT PISS OFF Chuck Norris!" Death by Chuck Norris.
DO NOT PISS OFF Chuck Norris! It is... aaaaargh (the author was killed while writing this).
DO NOT MISHANDLE DYNAMITE! Death by mishandled dynamite.
Be nice to your sister! Do not leave her on an mysterious Island! A weird passion towards unsuccessful suicide attempts.
Don't have sex with Sayid Jarrah. Death by either a freak with a gun, by a freak with a van, by Sayid's gun itself or by the fact that he's got AIDS.
Don't move the Island! Unless you have to move the Island! Loosing deserved Emmies for Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Drama Series.
Do not revenge anything or anyone on Sayid. Death by Sayid.
Clean up your room! Smokey gets pissed.
Stand up straight! Smokey gets pissed.
Pick up your feet! Smokey gets pissed.
Take it like a man! Smokey gets pissed.
Do not tell Locke what he can't do! Death by angry Lost fan(s).
Not being white! Death.
Badly performed surgery! A timeout.
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