Walt is a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. The only child survivor of the flight, he was forced to endure the terrible parenting skills of his father, Michael Dawson, and eventually struck up a friendship with the bald and enigmatic John Locke. You know, like all normal kids do.

But before he could end up becoming "better friends" with Mr. Locke, he was kidnapped by a gay Other and taken away on a boat, where he was put in Room 23. Ben Linus claimed that Walt's abduction was the order of Jacob, though it was later revealed that this was a lie, leading one to wonder just why exactly that bug-eyed bastard wanted to keep an innocent, ten-year-old boy locked away.

While inside the room, Walt discovered that he had the power to kill birds...from many yards away...with mind bullets! (That's telekinesis)

Exposure to all the rampant testosterone on the Island most likely stunted Walt's emotional growth, because he was constantly at states at loving and hating his father, even three years after his father disappeared from his life forever. It may have been something else, however, that affected Walt's emotions. Because if you remember on the Island, Locke taught Walt how to "handle a knife."

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